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In 1972 on the basis of the resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Council of Ministers of the USSR No.606 the construction of the Cheboksary Plant of Industrial Tractors began. It was decided to implement the project of the giant tractor plant in Cheboksary, a region that is most convenient for the supply of finished special machinery to the main consumers - the company of coal mining and mining industry.

Already in 1975, the first bulldozer T-330 came off the conveyor of the Cheboksary plant, which got wide popularity and recognition as an unpretentious and reliable partner in the most labor-intensive tasks. By the beginning of the 90s more than 10 thousand T-330 bulldozers were already in operation across the USSR. By the way, some of them are still used in CIS countries.



The successful production of the T-330 bulldozer gave a start to the development of a fundamentally new range of tractors with extended working cycle. In 1986, the world saw a transitional model T-500 with a power of 480 h.p., which corresponded to the level of advanced foreign competitors. The affordable price and operational qualities allowed to bring the new tractor from the Cheboksary Tractor Plant to the global market. The Soviet bulldozer was recognized abroad and successfully exported to Australia, Venezuela, Spain, Colombia and Yugoslavia. 1986-1988 was marked by the birth of a new family of tractors with modular units: T25.01 and T35.01.

Today those machines, along with T9, T11, T15, T20 and T40 bulldozers, are produced under the CHETRA brand. Since the beginning of production and up to the present the whole class of tractors is unified to the maximum extent possible and embodies the advanced developments in the field of design of industrial special-purpose machines.



In 1993 the Cheboksary plant was reorganized from the state enterprise into Promtractor Plant. At the same time, the cooperation with the Yaroslavl Engine Plant was being strengthened and serial production of T25.01 and T35.01 tractors equipped with YaMZ engines was launched.

The development of pipelayers on the basis of T20.01 and T15.01 bulldozers began in 1996. The first modification was released in 1998.



In 2000 Promtractor launched a serial production of modified bulldozers with weight of 15 and 20 tons. In 2002, the CHETRA T11 20-ton universal bulldozer - the model that actually started the history of the new brand - hit the market. It was presented at the annual "Tractor Show" as the first model of special machinery under the CHETRA brand name.

In 2003, the first pipelayers under the CHETRA TG121 brand name hit the Russian special machinery market. In the same year, the CHETRA brand received its first prize, the silver medal of the BRAND OF THE YEAR/EFFIE contest, and in 2004 it was included in the list of "100 Best Goods of Russia", with a production of the CHETRA T9 bulldozer.

Since 2006, CHETRA has been a part of Concern Tractor Plants and has been awarded a Certificate of Conformity with the European standards of TUV RHEINLAND INTERCERT. The popularity of products is growing and a corporate magazine is being created to cover the most important events in the company's life.

The desire to keep up with the times and produce special machinery that meets the needs of customers, marked a new stage in the brand development. Since 2009, CHETRA has been launching machinery based on the GLONASS/GPS system and is committed to providing comprehensive work-flow automation.



In 2011, the CHETRA brand spread across Russia: the unique trick called "The unique bulldozer flip around its axis on ropes" was recognized as the official record of Russia and included in the Guinness World Records nominees.

In 2012, the sensation of CHETRA machinery was repeated on the federal TV channel: the professional operators demonstrated the capabilities of the filigree management of heavy machinery under the CHETRA brand name and reached the semifinal of the "Minute of Glory" national program. 2012 was marked for the company by the successful launch of production of CHETRA MKSM A series mini loaders. By the way, the 12-thousandth mini loader was produced in 2014.

In 2013, CHETRA introduced the first bulldozer in the line of machinery equipped with the Leica leveling system. In the same year, the CHETRA equipment took part in the Sochi 2014 Olympic flame meeting ceremony in Cheboksary. The authors CHETRA clothing collection was launched in parallel and detailed mini-copies of the collection models of special equipment produced by the Promtractor plant were created.

In 2015 and 2016, under the auspices of the brand, there are two All-Russian youth graffiti competitions CHETRAPROMART.

By the decade of the company in 2016, the company is modernizing a number of branded special equipment and represents the first CHETRA EPK backhoe loader. In addition, this year, two models of CHETRA special equipment at once - the CHETRA T35 bulldozer and the CHETRA MKSM 800A-1 mini loader - are included in the "100 best goods of Russia" rating.