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Меморандум о намерениях ЧЕТРА с индонезийским партнёром
15 September 2022
Many leading Indonesian media are making materials about CHETRA today!

ЧЕТРА на выставке «Mining Indonesia 2022» в Джакарте
14 September 2022
The International CHETRA Machines Operators Championship – CHETRA PRO Cup - has just finished, and our colleagues are already off the office on business trips.

Экспорт ЧЕТРА Т25 в Индонезию
18 August 2022
CHETRA. Made in Russia. Operates all over the world.

Бульдозеры ЧЕТРА заменят импортную технику на предприятиях «Норникеля»
28 June 2022
the companies has signed memorandum of intent

CHETRA is developing a new export destination
14 February 2022
The CHETRA company has shipped a bulldozer of traction class 11 to Peru.

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