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Weight: 21,8 tons
Bucket volume: 1,1 m³
Engine power kW/h.p.: 129 (175 kW/h.p.) / 124 (169 kW/h.p.)
Weight: 21,8 tons
Bucket volume: 1,1 m³
Engine power kW/h.p.: 112 (152 kW/h.p.)
Weight: 25,8 tons
Bucket volume: 1,3 m³
Engine power kW/h.p.: 145 (197 kW/h.p.)
Weight: 32,8 tons
Bucket volume: 1,8 m³
Engine power kW/h.p.: 212 (288 kW/h.p.)
Weight: 39,3 tons
Bucket volume: 1,9 m³
Engine power kW/h.p.: 212 (288 kW/h.p.)
Weight: 50,5 / 51 tons
Bucket volume: 2,6 / 3,2 m³
Engine power kW/h.p.: 300 (408 kW/h.p.)


Crawler excavators are heavy vehicles designed for work at the construction sites. Vehicles are reliable and resistant to overloads. This is the most co mmon construction equipment capable of performing diverse tasks.

The design of CHETRA excavators allows the installation of an additional hydraulic line, which expands the functionality of the excavators and allows the use of auxiliary hydraulic attachments. Optionally excavators are completed with hydraulic hammer. At the request of the customer, the standard equipment can be completed with additional options, which makes this equipment universal.

Advantages of CHETRA crawler excavators

Economy — the hydraulic system allows you to redistribute the power, increasing the efficiency of the excavator and reducing fuel consumption at the same time.

Comfort — cabin with additional noise insulation, frameless glazing – increases the viewing area, the air conditioning system and the chair with an anatomical profile allow you to create a comfortable workplace for the operator.

Extended service interval — the filtration system is equipped with an oil filter, which increases the service life of all elements of the hydraulic system.