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Auxiliary machine with the replaceable cassettes UV 5000-C

Replaceable modules:

- Scissor lift;
- Fuel servicing truck;
- Truck for transportation of explosive materials;
- Truck for transportation of personnel;
- Mine crane

Auxiliary vehicle UV 5000-C is one of the most universal vehicles in its class and can perform various functions.

The UV 5000-C has a cassette system, allowing the use of several work units (cassettes) with one motor vehicle chassis. The CHETRA product line includes a wide range of cassettes designed for special operations in mines - refueling, installation and delivery of various materials and personnel. Mechanization of these operations improves the efficiency, performance and safety of mining operations.

The multi-purpose motor vehicle chassis allows the operator to perform various operations using just one vehicle. Thanks to a special removable and installation device, the operator can change the cassette from the ground or from various heights without leaving the cabin. It only takes a few minutes to remove the old cassette and connect the new one. The system provides high performance, allowing a minimum number of maintenance personnel to perform various range of tasks during the shift without downtime of the vehicle and operators.

The following can be used as cassettes:

- tilting cassette (replaceable body) for cargo up to 5 tons;
- mine crane;
- cassette for transportation of fuel. There are slide-in hose reels with a hydraulic pump drive for easy pumping of liquids from tanks.
- cassette with scissor-type lifting platform with a lifting capacity of 600 kg, lifting height up to 4280 mm

equipped with handrails and non-slip floor to increase worker safety, as well as quick-release hydraulic fittings;

- cassette for transportation of passengers, acco mmodates up to 14 people