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Crawler excavator CHETRA E520


Heavy crawler excavator CHETRA E520 is great to use on earthworks in extractive industry.

Two modifications are available:

  • the first: weight 50.5 tons, bucket capacity 2.6 m³, with 3 m handle;
  • the second: weight 51 tons, bucket capacity 3.2 m³, with 2.8 m handle.

The comfortable and ergonomic cabin of the CHETRA E520 is equipped with air conditioner and radio. All technical parameters of the excavator are displayed in the computer monitoring system on the LCD display.

Tandem variable displacement hydraulic pump together with a powerful engine ensures high efficiency and economy. Dual filtration system reduces the risk of engine fouling and increases the intervals for filter cleaning and replacement.

The chassis and working equipment are made of high-strength steel, which allows them to withstand long-term critical loads and work in various climatic zones.

For operator convenience, the CHETRA E520 excavator is equipped with a space, technologically advanced cabin with low noise and vibration levels and excellent 360-deg visibility. There is a wide range of options for additional equipment.