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CHETRA machinery on the Perez channel

On December 24 and 25, 2012, a program about “Most Amazing Incidents” was broadcast on Perets TV channel about Sergey Yegorov, a test driver for the CHETRA equipment, working at Promtractor OJSC.

The presenter of the program, Ivan Usachev (“Catastrophes of the Week”, “You are an eyewitness”) tells about the test driver's filigree handling the CHETRA technique.

The frame for the first time showed a trick developed specifically for Peretz TV channel, demonstrating the reliability and power of the CHETRA technique.

Two heavy CHETRA T-35 bulldozers on their dumps lifted the CHETRA T-9 tractor into the air. Also on air, tricks with heavy equipment that hadn't got on the air of the program “Moment of Glory Walks Across the Country” were demonstrated.

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