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CHETRA cross-country vehicle TM-140 with Palfinger

CHETRA TM 140 with Palfinger CHETRA Industrial Machines has launched the new CHETRA TM-140 all-terrain tracked vehicle with the Palfinger PK 12000 crane manipulator.

CHETRA TM-140 is one of the best all-terrain vehicles in the world for its cross-country abilities. The machine has high maneuvering and survival abilities even on soils with low bearing capacity. Tracked ATV is able to overcome swamps, permafrost areas. Cruise range reserve due to additional fuel tanks allows it to cover a distance of up to 800 kilometers without refueling.

The design of the CHETRA TM-140 is based on modular concept. This allows to vary the purposes of the machine. Under the control of the developers of all-terrain vehicle, various additional equipment and modules (superior comfort, module-workshop, drilling rig, crane) can be installed on its base chassi.

New modification of the CHETRA TM 140 with a crane manipulator unit RK 12000 A on the platform of all-terrain vehicle with a maximum boom of more than 8 meters allows for various construction, installation and loading-unloading operations in difficult places at temperatures from -40 to +40 degrees.

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