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Floating swamp rover firefighter

Floating anti-fire swamp buggy based on CHETRA TM-140 A machine that combines the high cross-country ability of the CHETRA all-terrain vehicle manufactured by Kurganmashzavod OJSC and a fire pump station (PNS), designed to supply water from a remote source to the fire source.

The machine is equipped with an NTsPN-100 centrifugal fire pump with a capacity of over 100 liters per second, the pump is driven by an independent YaMZ-238B14 engine equipped with a Webasto system to facilitate startup in winter. The pump is equipped with a standard tachometer and two ABC vacuum units operating from independent batteries for water intake from the reservoir at a level of up to 7 meters from the water mirror. The fire module has a special design that can be easily dismantled, which makes it easy to dismantle it in order to provide convenient access to all the main technical units for their maintenance and repair. Kung is insulated, the seal between it and the side is sheet rubber that protects the insides from moisture when overcoming water obstacles. Despite the new design of the module, the base of the swamp buggy has not changed, the machine has not lost its technical characteristics and patency.

The PNS based on the CHETRA TM-140 floating swamp buggy provides maximum convenience and ease of operation, as well as simplicity and accessibility of maintenance. The assembly according to the consumer's technical specifications is possible.

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