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Вездеход ЧЕТРА ТМ-140 с буровой установкой

CHETRA cross-country vehicle TM-140 with a drilling rig The CHETRA authorized dealer, "ComplectSnab", presented CHETRA TM-140 all-terrain vehicle with a drilling rig designed for geological exploration.

Feature of CHETRA transport vehicles is the modular design principle. All-terrain vehicle is designed to be used as a vehicle for transporting people and goods. Also on CHETRA TM 140 a residential module or a repair shop can be mounted.

CHETRA TM 140 has no analogues in the world in its cross-country ability. All-terrain vehicle has high maneuvering and survival abilities, even on soils with low bearing capacity. Machine easily overcomes rivers, swamps, permafrost areas. Cruising range reserve with additional fuel tanks allows it to cover a distance of up to 800 kilometers without refueling, which is especially important in the Far North.

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