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CHETRA TM 140 with workshop module and Palfinger truck loader crane

All-terrain vehicle CHETRA ТМ140 with workshop module and Palfinger truck loader crane РК12000А Engineering center ComplectSnab LLC presents all-terrain vehicle CHETRA TM140 with a workshop module and crane manipulator Palfinger PK12000A.

The CHETRA TM-140 snow and swamp buggy is widely used in the most difficult climatic and environmental conditions of the Far North. All year round in any weather crawler all-terrain vehicle will deliver specialists to the site of construction and installation works on impassable off-road, through swamps and water obstacles.

Crane manipulator Palfinger PK12000A has proven itself in construction, repair and material handling operations. Palfinger PK12000A is mounted on a separate frame with remote hydraulic supports. This reduces the impact on the body of the all-terrain vehicle when operating the crane manipulator with the load.

Time of preparation of the crane manipulator takes no more than 7 minutes. High-quality structural steel provides a load capacity of up to 6.5 tons at a minimum boom reach. Maximum vertical reach of the crane-manipulator boom is 10.5 meters and at the request of the customer, can be increased by installing additional sections.

The KP200 workshop module turns the CHETRA TM140 all-terrain vehicle into a mobile workshop for repair and restoration work in the field. Mobile workshop is equipped with an autonomous portable diesel power plant, a set of electric and gas welder and locksmith equipment and can be completed according to the customer's specifications. Life support systems allow to dismantle the workshop module from the base of the all-terrain vehicle for autonomous operation in the place of work.";}

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